Great Plains Enterprises Inc. (GPE) was chartered in the state of Missouri October 1999.

GPE is a not-for-profit corporation organized for the specific purpose of providing education, training and employment opportunities for the blind, disabled and the significantly disabled.  Since its charter GPE has actively pursued business opportunities that furthered this purpose, creating new jobs for the blind and disabled in Texas, California, Arizona, Oklahoma, Kentucky and Nevada, while fostering an environment that promoted success for both the employee and the customer.

Although GPE was chartered for a specific charitable purpose, it does not obviate the focus on customer and customer satisfaction.  All business ventures depend on customer or consumer satisfaction for continued existence, GPE is no different; and perhaps because of the nature of the workforce, must exceed expectations.  To this end, GPE has developed a Strategic Vision that embraces both the employment goals of its charter and customer orientation.



A quality service organization employing people with significant disabilities, providing customers services exceeding expectations; building and expanding the business base through excellence of performance and character of reputation.




Currently, GPE conducts business at Altus AFB, Altus Oklahoma, Ft. Irwin, California, Yuma Marine Naval Air Station, Yuma Arizona, Fort Campbell, Fort Campbell Kentucky and Nellis Air Force Base Nevada. The business processes consist of Commissary operations; shelf-stocking, warehousing and janitorial/custodial functions; laundry and dry cleaning functions.   These business practices form the nexus of GPE; however, they represent only a small portion of its’ potential and future operations.  As GPE matures building upon success, the core business will expand to include numerous administrative functions.  A complete list of potential core business practices is detailed on the following page.

Administrative Services Janitorial/Custodial Services
Assembly of Kits, Packets, Components Laundry Services
Commercial/Central Facilities Management Mailroom Services
Commissary Shelf Stocking and Warehousing Medical Transcription
Data Entry Operation of Call Centers
Database Management Operation of Supply Centers
Full Food Service Recycling
Food Service Attendants Switchboard Operations
Grounds Maintenance Warehouse/Storage/Distribution
General Support Services (Available on a Temporary and/or Permanent Basis)



  • To hire and employ blind and individuals with disabilities to the maximum extent possible
  • To provide education, training and vocational opportunities for all employees
  • To meet or exceed industry standards for quality and timeliness for all core functions
  • To exceed customer expectations for quality and timeliness
  • To grow the business base, expanding throughout the Midwest
  • To develop positive community image

Download GPE’s Strategic Plan (Word Document)